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  Rolf Aamot - CV  


Born1934 in Bergen, Norway

Electronic painter / graphic artist, film director and tonal image composer



International Print Triennial Society, Museum of Print, Krakow, Poland

National Museum of Art , Norway

Henie-Onstad Art Collection, Høvikodden, Norway

Bergen Art Museum, Norway

Norwegian Museum of Photography, Norway                                                

Municipal Museum of Arts, Gyor, Hungary

Kalmar Art Museum, Sweden

Art Collection of Oslo, Norway

Art at the Workplace, Oslo, Norway

National Film Institute, Norway

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, Television, Oslo

Yamagata International Documentary Festival, database, Japan

Smithsoinan American Art Museum Digitalcollections, Washington,D.C., US

Filmportraits: Hans Hartung and Anna Eva Bergman, Foundation Hartung Bergman, France

Printmaking Museum of Douro - Portugal



Digital Photo Paintings, Gallery 2,

"The Brain and the Climate is our Vulnerability",
Internet Art Exhibition,, Norway                                  2014

Internet Art Exhibition,, Norway 2014

FULTON COUNTY ARTS & CULTURE, 08.08 to 09.09,          2011
Atlanta Georgia, US, Rolf Aamot Exhibition

Auditive og Visual Tonal image art, Tonal image films,                   2011

Prisma Records, Norway - Germany

Paintings on Paper, Art at the Workplace, Norway                          2009-2016

Norwegian Museum of Photography                                                2003-2004

Art at the Workplace, Norway                                                          2002-2007

Bergen Art Museum, Norway                                                           1998

Henie-Onstad Art Center, Høvikodden, Norway                              1995                                                            

Bergen Art Society, Norway                                                             1994

Artist House, Oslo, Norway                                                              1976

Edvard Munch Museum, Oslo, Norway,                                          1975

Gallery Per, Oslo, Norway                                                                1966

Bergen Art Society, Norway                                                             1964

Paus Knudsen Gallery, Bergen, Norway                                           1952


Group Exhibition - Painting / Graphic art / Tonal image art

Kalmar Art Museum, "Landscape", Sweden                                 2014

Minimalen Kortfilmfestival, Trondheim, Norway                         2014

Kunstviaal Festival of Independents, Amsterdam, Holland           2014

The Hightlights Retrospective:Film & Video Art in Norway,        2013
1960-90, BABEL visningsrom for kunst, Trondheim, Norway

27th ASROPA International Art Exhibition ,                                 2013
Vienna, Austria

FORM AGAINST BACKGROUND, ATOPIA Gallery ,            2013
Oslo, Norway

ARNE NORDHEIM EXHIBITION, Henie Onstad Artcenter,      2013
Oslo, Norway

Video Art Milden, Kalamata, Greece                                               2012

MIK Gallery, Milton Keynes, UK                                                   2012

Lydkunstfestival, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning,                               2012
Copenhagen, Denmark

6th International Printmaking Biennial Douro, Portugal                   2012

Retrospektiv.  Film-og videokunst i Norge, 1960-90                       2011

31MINI PRINT Internacional de Cadaques, Espana                        2011

Gallerie L'Etangd Art, Bages, France                                               2010

30MINI PRINT Internacional de Cadaques, Espana                        2010

International Print Network, International Print Triennial,
Krakow - Oldenburg - Vienna                                                           2010

The 21th ASROPA International Art Exhibition, Korea                   2010

Kulisiewicz International Graphic Arts Triennal in Warsaw
IMPRINT, Poland                                                                              2008

The Americas Biennial Exhibitition, USA                                         2008

The 20th ASROPA International Art Exhibition, Korea                    2008

Spanyolnatha Muveszeit Folyoirat, Budapest, Hungary                     2008

"Abstract and Absurd" - Norwegian Museum of Photography
- Preus Museum - Norway                                                                   2008

"Kinetic Energy" - National Film Institute, Oslo, Norway                  2008

Festival International de Film et Video de Creation, Beirut, Lebanon 2008

Magyar Elektrografiai Art Tarsasag, Budapest, Hungary                   2007-2008

Biennale Internazionale dell Arte Contemporanea,

Florence Biennale, Italy                                                                      2007

International Print Triennial – Oldenburg, Germany                          2007

Medial 2. Art Biennale, Medial Museum, England,                            2007

5th International Print Triennial Colour in Graphic Art NOW,

Poland                                                                                                 2006

5th International Graphic Triennal Bitola, R.Macedonia                    2006

Old Manage, Moscow, Russian                                                          2004

Kalmar Art Museum, Sweden                                                             2003-2004               

Contemporary Art Gallery, Opole, Poland                                          2003

Triennial 100 Cities, Europa                                                                2003

Henie-Onstad Art Center,Høvikodden, Norway                                 2001  2003

International Biennial ”The Masters of Graphic Arts”,

Gyor, Hungary                                                                                     2003

International Print Triennial -  Krakow, Poland                                   2003

4th International Triennial Colour in Graphic Art NOW,

Poland                                                                                                  2003                International Print Triennial -  Krakow, Poland                                   2000

”Krakow – Nurenberg”,International Print  Triennial,

Poland – Germany                                                                                2000

3th International Triennial Colour in Graphic Art NOW, 

Poland                                                                                                   2000

State Art Exhibition, Bergen Art Museum, Norway                             2000

Bergen International Film Festival, Norway                                         2000

Norwegian Short Film Festival, Grimstad, Norway                              2000

Henie-Onstad Art Center, Høvikodden, Norway                                  1999

Norwegian International Graphic Triennal, Fredrikstad, Norway         1999

Kalmar Art Museum, ”New Nordic Art in Moderen Image Media”,

Sweden                                                                                                   1997 – 1998

Henie-Onstad Art Center, Høvikodden, ”Electra”

Norway                                                                                                   1996

Henie-Onstad Art Center, Høvikodden, ”Video Art Festival”,

Norway                                                                                                   1994

Henie-Onstad Art Center, Høvikodden, ”Video Art Festival”,

Norway                                                                                                   1993

National Film Institute, Oslo, Norway                                                     1991

Norwegian Short Film Festival, Grimstad, Norway                                1991

National Film Institute, ”Eksperimen”, Oslo, Norway                             1984

Norwegian Film Festival, Norway                                                          1980

H.C.Andersen Film Festival, Odense, Denmark                                     1980

Louisiana Museum of Moderne Art, Denmark                                       1975

Palais des Beaux de Bruxelles, ”Art/Video Confrontation”,

Bruxelles, Belgium                                                                                 1975

Musee dÁrt Moderne de la Ville de Paris, France                                  1974

Berlin Film Festival, Germany                                                                1971

La Biennale de Venezia, Italy                                                                 1970

Sixieme Biennale de Paris                                                                       1969

Musee dÁrt Moderne de la Ville de Paris,   

France Youth Biennial, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark          1966                                              

Oslo Art Society, ”Figure Composition”, Norway                                 1955



Tonal image film / Video / Digital film


”G”                                                                                                       2014

”E”                                                                                                        2013

”RRR”                                                                                                  2012

”W”                                                                                                       2011

”X”                                                                                                       2010

”Contra”                                                                                               2009

”Wirr”                                                                                                   2008

”Ir”                                                                                                        2006

”U”                                                                                                        2005

”Energy”                                                                                                2003

”Tide”, digital film, choreography by Kristin Linder,                            2000

”Aurora Borealis”                                                                                  1991

”Actio”                                                                                                   1980

”Structures”                                                                                            1970

”Vision”                                                                                                 1969

”Kinetic Energy”                                                                                    1967 – 1968

”Relieff”                                                                                                 1966 – 1967



"The dream is always there"                                                                   1988

”Expulsion”                                                                                             1987

”Nærklang”                                                                                             1987

”Pulse”                                                                                                    1986

”Medusa”, tonal image drama by     

Bjørg Lødøen and Rolf Aamot                                                                1986

”Structures”                                                                                              1979

”Progress”                                                                                                1977

”Visual”                                                                                                   1971

”BSK” (in ”Television as Art”)                                                               1968

”Relieff” nr.2, tonal image ballet,

choreography by Edith Roger                                                                  1967 – 1968

”Evolution”, electronic music by Arne Nordheim                                   1966 -  1967  


Tonal image concerts

Edvard Munch Museum, Oslo, Norway                                                  1969

Norwegian Student Society, Oslo, Norway                                             1968

Student Society, Bergen, Norway                                                            1968

New Music/Iscm in University of Oslo Aula                                           1968                                                       

Bergen Art Society, Bergen, Norway                                                      1967      

Norwegian Culture Council,  

Norwegian Academy of Science, Oslo, Norway                                    1967

Young Tonal Artist Society, Copenhagen, Denmark                              1966 

Youth Biennial, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark                        1966    

 New Music/Iscm in Edvard Munch  Museum,                                       1966                   Oslo  Norway                                                                                     

Bergen Art Society, Bergen, Norway                                                      1965



Norwegian Artists Fondation's Grant                                                       2006

Norwegian Artists Fondation's Grant                                                       2005

 Rune Brynestads Grant                                                                           2004

Norwegian Artists Fondation's Grant                                                       2003

Norwegian Artists Fondation's Grant                                                       2002

Kavli Fond                                                                                               1999

Norsk Kultur Råds store utstillingsstipend                                               1995

(Norwegian Council of Culture’s exhibition grant)

Bergen Artists  Grant                                                                                1994

Norwegian State Life Grant for Artist                                                       1977

Norwegian State Travel Grant                                                                  1976

Norwegian State Grant, Three Year Work                                               1973

Norwegian State Travel Grant                                                                  1972  

Bergen/Fana Artist Grant                                                                          1958

Kavli Fond, Grant                                                                                     1958



WOA – The World of Art Avard for the Best in Art and Creativity 2006


State Commisions - Painting / Tonal image art

 National Film Center, Norwegian Film Institute, 

West-Norwegian Fim Center, ”Tide”                                                       1997 – 2000

State Short Film Commitee, ”Aurora Borealis”                                        1991

State Short Film Commitee, ”The Dream is Always There”                    1988

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, Television, ”Expulsion”              1987

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, Television, ”Medusa”                  1986

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, Televisiion, ”Puls”                       1986

Norwegian State Film Company, ”Actio”                                                 1980

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, Television, ”Progress”                  1977

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, Television, ”Visual”                     1970

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, Television, ”BSK”                       1969

Norwegian State Film Company, ”Kinetic Energy”                                  1967-1968

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, Television,

”Relieff” nr.2                                                                                              1967-1968

Norwegian State Film Company, ”Relieff”                                                1967-1968               

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, Television,

”Evolution”                                                                                                 1966-1967

Museum of Paleontology, Oslo, Norway,

Mural painting                                                                                             1954-1955

Member of

Norske Billedkunstnere (Norwegian Artists Association)

Norske Filmregissører (Norwegian Film Directors Association)

Norsk Filmforbund (Norwegian Film Association)



Dramatic Institute, Stockholm, Sweden                                                      1973

State Center for Film Studies, Oslo, Norway                                              1969-1972

State Academy of Fine Art, Oslo, Norway                                                 1958-1960

State School of Arts and Crafts, Oslo, Norway                                           1952-1955

Art Academy, Wien, Austria                                                                       1952