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(By Rolf Aamot)

Electromagnetic energy shapes the colour/photone and curvilineartone span of

tonal image art. The laserpower radiance of atoms. The imagetone quantumsystem

turns everything into sinewy relations – signalling movement to all our cells.

The body builds its world by psychophysiological images. We exist, and exist in,

the infinity of perception – matter, identity, intensity, rhythm, and the logic of

the cells of our bodies - opening towards the heterogeneous, the void and the

exile. The tones of images are, like tones of sound, a unity of dream and act.

The information value of imagetones are determined by their frequencies, span,

coherence, pulseform, modulation and polarization. The directionality pulse of

particlewaves are sinusoidal. We read: Energy into matter – matter into energy.

Laser have organisational capability – handling or regenerating information.

Lasercolour/photone and curvilineartone art, the body, visual dramaturgy and

unmediated experience opens up an artistic cosmos. The monologue, the dialogue

and the dialectic are spaceships passing through the boundlessness of

Boredom/Death. We seek maximal information per timeunit. Between openness

and the setting of bounds. In recognisanze of ecperienceunits we shape our

strategies of survival by seeing. I am seeing, therefore I am. Between form/

chaos and chaos/form we seek relations, freedom, connections, will and resolve.

Everything else have no bearing on the tonal image drama of laserpainting.

The internal relations of image tones enclosed by the drama of painting.

The drama: Colour/photone and curvilineartone dialogue. The being of tonal

image art builds upon DIALOGUE. MONOLOGUE and DIALECTICS have DIALOGUE

as its Driver/Enforcer. Colour/photone and curvilinear DIALOGUE passes by eye

to brain by different routes, visual and nonvisual. Nonvisual impulses run into

diverse hormonal and nervous centers, affecting the subject physiologically and

psychologically. The intensity, spectral image, shimmering, and their distribution

in space, by the axis of time, stimulates the activity of heart and brain. We

seek, and are in - ECSTASY. Irrational and immediate manifestation of

energy and intensity of life. Opening for COMMUNITY by seeing. Community

without binding. In us we have the hope of THE GRAND GESTURE. The

totality connecting it all. A gesture giving GOOD CONTINUITY. Momentous

details shimmering under it all. We reach for – ECSTASY. Ecstasy – psychophysiological

sight – physiological waves – organic swing and counterswings.

Where discontinuity and continuity becomes one. TOTALITY outside TIME.

Conflict are violation of i-values – identity and intensity.

Our answer in powerlessness: AGGRESSION/DEPRESSION. Extremes of heart

activity – high and low pulse. Contextless “Climaxes”. Time/movement

MONOLOGUE on the run.

Our options are: Confrontation or communication: DIALOGUE – or identification/

rupture: MONOLOGUE. Field of tension; tonal image art versus visual violence.

DIALOGUE is our answer to MONOLOGUE/RUPTURE KEEPING us entertained.

Dialogue approaches thruth. The i-values of dialogue expresses themselves

through the PRIMARY being of laserimagetones: the vertical and horisontal span

of colour/photone frequencies – spanning the amplitudal dynamics of light –

passing through the curvilineartonespan and directionality dynamics of line

– in swing and counterswings between SPACE/BEING and TIME/MOVEMENT.

Tone, timbre, cluster, noise, white noise, gesture and tonal image metaphores

turns witnessing/violation into sight/insight. Revelations requires actions. Earth

become the standpoint of heaven – spanned by the rainbow. Will of life

becoming body. Ideas becoming visible. Matter and spirit. Tonal images

leave traces. Colours are the SPACE of fertility. LINES are the the time

of death. Energy/space and death/time. For the seeing all colours are

everywhere. Colours and love are one. The skin of imagetones. Colours

cannot be forced by the glance – LOCKINGPOINTS arrest the eye.

Captivated attentiveness follows line/time/movement. Time/movement, lockingpoint,

RUPTURE, directs us out of every organic community. The tension: Love

verus power. THE GRAND GESTURE, becomes loveless discontinuity when forced.

See, not seeing, in itself a factor of violence, where the enforced becomes visible

without being revealed. The arresting glare kills. Earth ceases to be the standpoint

of heaven – no longer spanned by the rainbow. The understanding of daily

life is emptied – left off without relations – waiting for the catastrophe – captured.

We see and become blind.

The seeing are omnipresent in space – colour, body, and SPACE metaphore.

Seeing, not see, in itself a factor of love, colourfrequencies becoming an art of

colourtones. A psychophysiological PLAY for eye and mind. Organized energy

in action. Characterized by growth, adaptation, growing complexity, developing

forms, diversity, organization, unambigousness, emergence, holism, unpredictability,

openness, coordination and disequilibrium, development and teleology.

Imagetones pass through our threshold of perception – perception versus


Tonal laserimages touch upon the physiochemical quantumprocesses of the

brain – undeterminable and undeterministic on principle, impossible to foresee

from one moment to the next – how a quantum system will change.

Imagetones have creative powers - capable of bringing forth a growing

diversity of complex forms and structures. Psychophysiological tonalimage

art have “free will”, allowing the potential of ever new creation. The selforganizing

processes are not fixed through blind selection of conditions

at the outset, but are – on their part - potentially selfdeterminative.

We are facing two psychophysiological languages of vision: SPACE and TIME.


All structures consist in diverse arrangements of colour/photones and

curvilineartones, every change made by rearrangement among tones. All

of it being a question – of activity, organization and complexity.

The tonal art of images are conjoined with the body – intelligence of the body.

The voice of nature. Man superceding his associative abilities in crossing solitudes.

Tones put their mark on our being and our actions. Visual constellations

are: The seen, and the seen in the unseen. Tonal languages are universal -

with a concrete and unmediated energy. Embracing with force and intensity. All

of it coming from and turning back upon the gift of giving and taking imagetones.

We are making seen the unseen. Visual action, modulation and rhythm

fluctuate between gestalt and dissolution.

Any imagetone have the ability of activating numerous subconscious processes

of our understanding, and as such expresses the real with a precision unreachable

by methodical logic. Combinations, signals and tensing pressure between

secondary tonal expressions are seedcarriers of imagetone art. The significance

of one tone, gliding past the twilight of our conciousness, becoming seen,

can give substantial contributions to the contents of the totality of meanings.

In recognizance of imagetones our body think and create. In the psychophysiological

space of art our inner and outer space exist.

In the artwork time is our time. Imagetones are in us. Our brain modulates

the imagetone modulations. The rhythms are the rhythm of our own – vision

and body. All is vision – not visibility. We are in the space of the body –

colour/photone and curvilineartone space. In the space of the body, and colour/

photone and curvilineartone space we act in space. Universe of the universe.

Electromagnetic imagetone communication are the cultivation of lifeintensities

and the visual dramaturgy of this cultivation – from our common view.

Our only way to communion. Primary strategy of survival.

Hope – all power to imagetone art – love. Our seeing gift of love in space.

In contra: lineartone art

- flight into the arresting lockingpoints of the glance

- fixation/visual violence

- forcing out of space

In the axis of time every one of us are singular. Turning towards GREAT SPACE.

All coming from and turning back upon electromagnetic energy.