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"Rolf Aamot - Digital Photopaintings" by Professor Øivind Storm Bjerke
On Rolf Aamot's exhibition at the The National Museum of Photography - PREUS PHOTOMUSEUM, Horten, Norway, 2003
"Visual Dramaturgy" by Rolf Aamot
Published in "Spillerom", Norwegian magazine for dance and theater, nr.3.1990
Painting/Tonal Image with Laserbrush and Laserfrequency Palette by Rolf Aamot
Published by Bergen Artmuseum 1998
"Evolution - an experiment " - Television 1967
Article from the Norwegian publication "Programbladet" (28th May - 3rd June, Nr. 22, 1967)
"Visual music" - Television 1968
Article from the Norwegian publication "Programbladet" (21 - 27 April, Nr. 17, 1968)
"Visual Music is Tones in Pictures" by Rolf Aamot
(Translated by Philips Norway/Polygram Records,1986)
Rolf Aamot - Norwegian Biographic Encyclopedia 2005  
(Volume 10, page 155)
Rolf Aamot - Electronic painting by Per Hovdenakk, former Director of Henie-Onstad Art Centre, Norway  
Auditive and Visual Art Tone by Rolf Aamot, published by Prisma Records 08.01.2012

The Brain and The Climate is our Vulnerability by Rolf Aamot